Paul George murder case: 9 convicts get life term

A special CBI court here on Tuesday sentenced 9 convicts to life term in prison in the sensational murder of young industrialist Paul George.
Earlier in the day, the court found thirteen accused guilty in the murder that took place in 2009.
The court observed that 9 convicts, including the first accused T. Jayachandran and second accused 'Kaari' Satheesh, a professional killer, are directly linked to the murder.
Six convicts (accused number 2-7) have been slapped with a fine of Rs 55,000 while Jayachandran is fined Rs 50,000.
The other four, who helped in destroying the evidence, are sentenced to 3 years in jail and fined Rs 5,000.
The court said that the charges of murder and unlawful assembling against the accused are proven while agreeing to the findings of the CBI.
Fourteenth accused Aneesh has been acquitted by the court.
Quotation case
In a related quotation case, in which 'Kaari' Satheesh and others were named as accused, the court found all 14 guilty.
The convicts in this case have also been sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for 3 years.
The convicts in both the murder and the quotation cases will serve the jail terms concurrently.
According to the CBI, Paul George was murdered during an altercation in connection with a bike accident when the quotation gang was on their way to Alappuzha commit another murder.
The quotation was given by Alappuzha native Abi to attack a man named Shameer.
Prosecution sought maximum punishment
First accused Jayachandran has pleaded before the court to be lenient on him as he is the only support for his parents. Jayachandran also told the court he has to take care of his cancer-stricken mother.
However, the prosecution sought maximum punishment for the convicted saying that they don't deserve mercy.
Probe officials said that 'Kaari' Satheesh had stabbed the Paul to death near Alappuzha on August 21, 2009.
123 witnesses
The CBI had submitted two chargesheets against the gang based in Changanassery; one for murdering Paul M. George and another for the murder they had planned in Alappuzha.
However, the trial progressed by combining the two chargesheets into one. The court recorded statements of 123 witnesses in the case, including that of Paul George's driver Shibu Thomas.
Though the Kerala Police had indicted gang leaders Om Prakash and Puthanpalam Rajesh who left an injured Paul George on the way, the CBI had made them witnesses-turned-approvers.
The two had submitted in the court that they hadn't witnessed the crime and that they didn't even know Paul George. Manu, who was accompanying Paul George on the fateful day, recognised the accused, including 'Kaari' Satheesh.
'S' knife
The controversial 'S' knife also came up during the arbitration in the court. When police produced an 'S' knife in the court in connection with the case, the CBI rejected it as false evidence and later produced the knife used for the murder.
The statement of investigating officer DySP K.M. Tony that the 'S' knife was recovered because 'Kaari' Satheesh had given a misleading information made a significant point during the trial.
According to Kerala police, the murder of young businessman Paul George bore striking resemblances to the Kanichukulangara triple murder case. The police did not rule out the involvement of professional quotation gangs. The police suspected that the gang executed their plan after receiving tip-off on Paul’s trip to Alappuzha from Kochi. The place and the time chosen to murder him had also helped them to have a smooth escape after committing the crime. The finger of suspicion was pointed towards the persons who had been with Paul since a couple of days before the incident.
There were deep wounds on the victim’s neck and upper back. The police assumed that there were two persons in the rear seats of the car driven by Paul. When he opened the door and ran for his life, the duo chased him and kept stabbing him pressing his back against a wall till he collapsed. According to the police, normally professional killers resort to such ruthless attack to ensure the victim was dead.
Like in the Kanichukulangara case, the assailants picked out an isolated place to execute the plot. The Jyothi junction on the Alappuzha-Changanassery road is mostly deserted after sunset. The police suspected that the gang members, who were waiting by the roadside, might have received information when Paul reached Mararikulam at night. Praveen alias Manu who had been with Paul when the incident took place suffered only minor injuries. The 12-member gang fled upon seeing Paul’s car driver Shibu rushing to the spot. The mystery deepened after those who were with Paul and Manu escaped in the car in which they were travelling.
Witness Satheesh told police that he had never seen Manu or others before. Later, the police received vital clues confirming Manu’s association with a Thiruvananthapuram-based gang headed by Puthanpalam Rajesh. Manu had told police the first time he met Paul was on the day the crime took place. According to his statements, he came to meet Paul on the advice of a friend.
There had been too many questions that were left unanswered in this case. How did the gang come to know that Paul and his 'friends' were coming to Chambakkulam? Who informed them when the car entered the Alappuzha-Changanassery road. How did they know when driver Shibu, who was escorting them in Paul’s car, took a diversion? Who was tipping them off? The police tried to solve the puzzle by getting answers to all these questions.
If they started their journey from Paul’s office which was located on the Banerji road in Ernakulam, the car would not be able to leave the city evading the surveillance cameras installed at Kaloor, Palarivattom and Vyttila. The police suspected that Paul was forced to drive the car as Manu and the others were in an inebriated condition. The police also probed that whether they were pretending to be drunk. After noticing several glaring contradictions in Manu’s statements, the primary investigation was centred on his role in the crime.

CBI chargesheet in Muthoot murder case

Dec 31, 2010
CBI today filed two chargesheets in the case relating to the brutal murder of flamboyant Kerala businessman Paul Muthoot George, the scion of the multi crore Muthoot M George group, on August 21 last year and has listed totally 28 accused.
The CBI has filed two chargesheets - for the murder and another case for destruction of evidence. There are 14 accused in each of the two cases.
The chargesheets were filed before the Ernakulam Chief Judicial Magistrate court here this evening.
As per the chargsheet in the murder case, the first accused Jayachandran, a goonda leader from chengnacherry and second accused Kari Sateeshan had stabbed Paul on the fateful day following sudden provocation. Seven of the accused have turned approvers.
Om prakash and Puthampalan Rajesh, who were the 24th and 25th accused in the police case, have been made witnesses by the CBI.

The two were travelling with Paul in the vehicle when he was fatally attacked.
Police had at first probe the high profile case and filed chargesheet which was rejected by the court here. The case was then handed over to CBI by the Kerala high court following a plea by Paul's father George M. Muthoot, Chairman of the Muthoot group.
While the police chargesheet had stated that an 'S' shaped knife had been used to stab Paul, the CBI chargesheet says another knife was used to stab the victim. The knife was recovered from Manancherry at alapuzha.
The Muthoot group is multi crore conglomerate which is into gold loans, hosptiality and stockbroking among others.

Paul murder: Abi arrested

September 22, 2009
Remand of Kari Satheeshan extended

The police today arrested Abi, the man who had engaged the quotation gang from Changanassery, which had accidentally killed Paul George Muthoott. Abi, a native of Mannachery in Alapuzha had engaged the quotation gang which includes Kari Satheeshan, the man who has stabbed Paul George according to the police version of the murder.

He had engaged the gang for settling scores with a man called Nizar. According to available hints Abi was arrested from New Delhi. The police is yet to officially record the arrest of Abi. Police sources suggested that the arrest would be recorded today. Police had earlier hinted that Abi would be named as one among the accused in the case, even though chances of his direct contact in the murder are remote. The investigating team is hoping to extract some vital information from Abi.

Abi is a frequenter in New Delhi, where his brother is running a hotel. A special police team had collected information from the relatives of Abi in New Delhi about his links. Abi had earlier confessed through his relatives of engaging the quotation gang for settling personal scores

Meanwhile the Ramakari First Class Judicial Magistrate today extended the remand on Kari Satheeshan, Jayachandran and Sathar.

Another breakthrough in Paul murder

September 20, 2009
Om Prakash and Rajesh never visited Delhi

The Kerala police team which stayed in the national capital as part of investigation on Paul murder case made some significant breakthrough by zeroing in on Abi, the man who is believed to have sought the help of quotation gang, which included Kari Satheesh, the man who stabbed Paul Muthoott. Abi had sought the help of the Changanaserry quotation gang to solve a problem with a man named Nizar. Police said that the gang proceeded to Alapuzha, according to the request from Abi.

Abi’s relatives are running a hotel in New Delhi and the police team collected more information from them regarding the man in question. Abi had earlier stayed with his brother who is running the hotel but left the place later. Hints are that Abi has conceded that he rented the service of the quotation gang. Abi is likely to be arrested or may surrender before the police within two or three days. Police is believed to have established connection with him through his relatives.

Police is hoping to extract some vital information from Abi regarding the murder of Paul George. He would be listed as one among the accused in the case. According to reliable sources the arrest or surrender may take place back in Kerala, most probably Alapuzha. The police team left the national capital today after completing the investigation process.

Meanwhile police sources stated that Om Prakash and Rajesh, the two goons was never in Delhi after the murder. The duo had earlier informed police that theyreached Delhi first from where proceeded to Jaipur and Kolkotta before finding a safe hide-out in Tamil Nadu.

Bail denied for goons

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Government opposes bail plea

The Ramankari Judicial First Class Magistrate Court today denied bail for Om Prakash and Rajesh, goon leaders in connection with Paul murder case. Om Prakash is the 15th accused and Rajesh 16th accused in the case. Thiruvananthapuram sub court had on Friday allowed preventive detention of the two under the goonda act.

Assistant public prosecutor Manoj K John has opposed the bail plea pointing out that granting bail to the goons would have adverse effect on the investigation process and the goons may try to kill evidence, if they are out.
The counsel for the goons stated that the order would be questioned in higher court.

Meanwhile the Kerala police team in Delhi questioned those related to Paul George. Om Prakash was taken to Kumili on Friday as part of evidence collection.

Omprakash taken to Kumily for evidence collection

September 18, 2009

Resort staff identifies Omprakash. Paul and Omprakash stayed at the hotel for 5 days

The police, today, took Omprakash, one of the accused goons in the Paul Muthoot George murder case, to the Muthoot cardamom county resort at Kumily for evidence collection. The evidence collection was under, the Paul murder case Investigating Officer, Superintendent of Police AV George.

According to reports, Omprakash had stayed in this resort during the period of 05th Aug – 10th August 2009, along with Paul. Two north Indian women were also, reportedly, with them during their stay at the resort.
The police collected information, with regard to the case, from the resort staff and the hotel registers were also examined.

During the above said period, three rooms were marked in the register as in C/o Paul M George. The staff identified Omprakash and they also informed the police that Paul and Omprakash, along with the women, had even stayed in a bungalow of a private cardamom plantation nearby Kumily, during this period.

The resort staff had went there to cook food for them. Police collected information from them also. The team went to Thekkady before returning.

Preventive detention of goons approved

Friday, September 18, 2009
Bail plea to be considered on Saturday

The Thiruvananthapuram First Additional Sessions Court today approved the government plea seeking preventive detention of Om Prakash and Puthanpalam Rajesh, the notorious goons involved in Paul murder case. NC Priyan, the government pleader had earlier moved a plea regarding this and the court has completed hearing in the case.

The goons are presently in judicial custody. The government pleader informed the court of various cases pending against the duo and pointed out that the accused has moved bail plea in all the cases. He pleaded for the preventive detention of the goons, stating that serious law and order problems would arise, if the goons come out on bail.

The Thiruvananthapuram district collector had earlier issued order for the preventive detention of the goons under the goonda act. The police department too had requested for the preventive detention of the duo in a report submitted before the court.

Meanwhile the Ramenkeri court would on Saturday give judgement on the bail plea submitted by Om Prakash and Rajesh in connection with Paul murder case.

Bail plea of Kari Satheesh postponed

Thursday, September 17, 2009
The plea postponed to September 24th

District Sessions Judge E Maitheen Kunju postponed the bail plea of twelfth accused of Paul murder case Kari Satheesh and other four persons to September 24th. The plea was postponed as the police did not submit the case diary before the court for the consecutive second time. Apart from Satheesh, the seventh, ninth, tenth, eleventh accused Sunil, Aneesh, Binoy and Jain Jose's bail peal was also postponed.

The court rejected the prior bail plea of Chathanad native Prasad and his brother Rangan in making the controversial S-shaped knife. The prior bail plea was rejected when the government pleader confirmed before the court that police has not taken any case against them and has not questioned them regarding the matter.

Goons brought to Kochi

Evidence collection lasted for one hour

September 15, 2009

As part of the investigation of the Paul murder case, the goonda leaders Om Prakash and Puthanpalam Rajesh has been bought to Kochi to get more proof on the case. The investigation team has taken both goondas to collect evidence to a hotel in Kochi and at Paul's flat in Thevara. Yesterday, both Om Prakash and Puthanpalam Rajesh has been given to police for seven day custody by the Ramagary Court in Alappuzha.

Both has been taken by the police for detailed questioning. Earlier, police said that both will be taken to places were they had travelled with Paul M. George. As part of investigation both has been bought to Kochi for collecting more evidence.
Both the goondas has been bought to Kochi by yesterday evening and were questioned by the police till late night.

After that questioning they were bought to the specified places like the hotel and flat for further investigation.
Today, at 9 am both Om Prakash and Puthanpalam Rajesh has been taken to Ernakulam General Hospital for check up. As Rajesh is a TB patient even from his childhood, even his X-ray was taken as part of check up. Both of them were bought to hospital as well as to other places with the tight security of armed police commandos.

After taking the evidence for one hour, both the goondas were taken to Alappuzha.
As per reports, Shibu and Paul M George came to the flat the day of murder. They went to take the dress and meanwhile, Om Prakash and Puthanpalam Rajesh came there. When the security saw the people who were not frequenters to the flat, he asked them to reverse the car and asked to park it. After that they all left for Alappuzha. The incident occurred was asked to re-enact by the SP AV George and he also took evidence from those living there in the flat.

Om Prakash has told the police that he get around one lakh rupee per month, either through lending or by getting admissions for many people in different colleges in Bangalore. He also said that he has no real estate business or any other type of business with Paul George. He befriended Paul while he was hiding from a murder case and was in Pune.

Police still stands on their earlier statement that the murder occurred in a fit of anger and was not deliberate. But as the Paul murder case has caused much ripples in Kerala and shocked the parliament, police is not letting loose any nook and corner of the case.

Sudhakaran challenges Pinarayi Vijayan

Sudhakaran demands CBI probe into Paul murder

MP K Sudhakaran today claimed only the CBI should probe into the Paul M George murder case as the Kerala Police would not be able to bring to book the culprits behind the crime.

Speaking to reporters here today, he said '' the CBI should investigate the case. If the state government was reluctant to order a CBI probe, the party would move the High Court seeking CBI investigation.'' Mr Sudhakaran also refuted allegations against him and the senior Congress leader V M Sudheeran that they had links with the 'quotation' gangs in the State.

Yesterday, CPI (M) State Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan had indirectly referred to Mr Sudhakaran saying that the latter harboured goon leader Om Prakash, who had been arrested in connection with the Paul murder, besides charging that Mr Sudheeran had received money from a goon.

'' I challenge Mr Vijayan to prove that I had links with Om Prakash. If he could do that I will retire from public life and if not he should quit,'' he said.

Dismissing the allegations that the Congress party was shielding goon leaders in the state, Mr Sudhakaran said Om Prakash was a known SFI activist and leader of DYFI, showing clear links with the Communist Party.

Launching a political attack on Mr Vijayan, Mr Sudhakaran alleged ''the State Secretary was trying to target Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan in an attempt to kickstart another phase of divisive politics in the CPI (M).'' Mr Vijayan wants to promote Finance Minister Thomas Issac as the second rung leader rather than Mr Balakrishnan, who is presently a politbureau member.

Media acting to mislead investigation

Media has political ill intentions, says Kodiyeri.
Sunday, September 13, 2009

In a meet the press programme at Kozhikode, the state home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan stated that the enquiry on Paul M George murder case is going in the right direction, under the special investigation team.

Accusing the media of misleading the investigation, the minister stated that the media should have handed over any information they have received in connection with the Paul murder case to the investigating agency. They should have helped the agency in the enquiry. Instead some media is acting with political ill intentions to mislead the investigation.

Such media should themselves think upon and evaluate their doings, he said.
When asked about CPI(M ) leader P Jayarajan’s statement, that police had made several weapon’s and artificial proofs to prove some cases earlier also, the minister stated that till now the police had not made any weapons or proofs artificially to prove the Paul M George murder case.

When the question was again repeated the minister said that he does not know whether the police had made any weapons or artificial proofs to prove any case.
With regard to the CPI (M) general secretary Pinarayi Vijayan’s statements that enquiries should be conducted upon the reporters who have bought out several background stories of the Paul M George murder enquiry, the minister did not clarify about any such initiatives.

The present government’s policy is to take action against all goons irrespective of their inclinations to any political party. According to the allegations, several goons arrested recently are related to the CPI (M).If such allegations are to be believed then the government should be congratulated for taking strong actions against those goondas who are related to the ruling party.

The government is also highly dedicated to bring out the truth behind the murder, the minister added.

Omprakash, prey of factionalism?

Goon’s father: Omprakash discarded by the party in fear of image.
Sunday, September 13, 2009

In an exclusive interview to the Asianet News Team, Omprakash father, Prasanna Kumaran, says Omprakash is a prey of factionalism in the CPI (M).He also says that Omprakash had engaged in real estate business with Paul M George on commission basis.

“Ours is a CPI (M) family. Even now, we believe in the party and are not concerned about the leaders in it. Earlier, Omprakash was the DYFI area secretary of Malayinkeezhu and had fallen into some party cases also. But later some party leaders and the police had made him a regular criminal. He was charged for several cases, to save the faces of several party members. Now the party had discarded him, fearing his goonda image would hamper party’s image. He was charged with Krishna Kumar murder case, after some party leaders had pressurised the then area secretaries to do so, due to the alleged factionalism in the party. He is a Communist and is not involved with any Congress leaders. But the party leaders are now accusing him of connections with Congress leaders, to save the party’s image and hide their roles in making him a goonda.”

However, Mr. Prasanna Kumaran says that Paul M George and Omprakash had some business connections. He had helped the businessman in real estate business on commission basis. A mutual friend, who is an engineer in Technopark, introduced them each other. According to Omprakash’s father’s statements, the day Paul got killed they were returning from Pune after such a business journey.

The father also said that the truth behind all cases charged against Omprakash would not come out unless CBI investigates it.

The Asianet News team had tried to get Omprakash’s family’s statements, since the day on which the incident occurred. But his parents, who are now staying at Veliyathura, were not ready to talk to the media then. Prasanna Kumaran, today, raised his voice to justify his son, as CPI (M) leaders, including state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan, have come out with several controversial statements denying Omprakash’s relations with the party.

Pinarayi lashes out another wave of anger

Media becomes axe handle of imperialism, alleges Pinarayi
Sunday, September 13, 2009

The CPI (M) state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan, on Saturday, alleged that some section of the media in Kerala is is acting like the axe handles of imperialism.

In a function held to honour the noted littérateur Sukumar Azhikode at Kannur, Mr. Vijayan said that the thought of some media owners, that they can destruct every one by creating waves of fake news is not correct. Journalism, in this new world, has degraded to a situation where people use the media in their hands as weapons to fight their personal grudges. In such a world, the words of Sukumar Azhikode that ‘I walked over the waves without getting wet’ should reverberate in our minds. Any person, living among the people, does not continue to live because of the generosity and kindness of such media. People, who love to enjoy seeing their face and statements in the newspapers, should remember this.

He also said that Sukumar Azhikode, who had always acted according to his conscience even if it would not be pleasing to the people, is a model for everyone.

Sukumar Azhikode, who spoke later, said that Pinarayi’s speech was not just that of a politician but it was of a person who loved literature deeply and knows the literature in Kerala.

Pinarayi sets the stage
An intelligent act from Pinarayi
Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pinarayi Vijayan, CPI (M) state secretary is known as a shrewd politician armed with pre-calculated words and deeds. A miser in words, Pinarayi often hits headlines and has his plan enacted without chance for a minimal error. When Mr Vijayan stepped in again taking on the media for the second time regarding Paul murder case, it raised many questions. But as of ever the fire brand leader left the stage, as if nothing happened.

Through his second media briefing on Paul murder, Mr Vijayan has wisely targeted guns on the home ministry and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. An all out, provoking attack on the media and rival politicians has stolen the limelight as expected. The planned attack has re-ignited a topic which was slowly getting warm. Now the government, especially home ministry has to guard themselves in public and more importantly in the state assembly. The timing assumes significance in the fact that the assembly is now in session and the tense atmosphere was due to settle down, following the surrender of Om Prakash and Rajesh.

In his first briefing on Paul murder, Mr Vijayan had challenged to give direct picture of which minister’s son was involved rather than using a general term. This forced Mr Kodiyeri Balakrishnan to come out with an open statement that his son is not involved and is not engaged in real estate business.

Leaving Kodiyeri isolated Mr Vijayan has made deep inroads in the party mechanism, where everything moves according to his aspirations. Adding to this is the word trap set by P Jayarajan, MLA. By making public the police strategy to prove cases, Mr Jayarajan has in a sense defended the police action of making knife, to be presented as evidence and thus given clear signal that the story about it is quite true.

Binish is again the villain !

Youth Congress: Omprakash protected by Binish Kodiyeri, at Dubai

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Youth Congress state secretary M Liju, today, alleged that Binish Kodiyeri, state Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son , has protected Omprakash at Dubai. Enquiries should be conducted upon Binish’s dealings at Gulf, he said.

Talking to reporters in a meet the press programme here, Mr. Liju also said that though the Home Minister is answerable to the controversies sparked after the Asianet exclusive news, on the ‘S’ shaped knife used to kill Paul George, the minister has no grounds to do so as his credibility is already lost.

However, the Director General of the state Police, Mr. Jacob Punnose, should now answer to all the allegations raised against the police .If the allegations are real then he should also list all other instances where police had made artificial proofs or weapons to prove the case.

Pinarayi, here is the answer

Pinarayi has hidden agenda

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ramesh Chennithala, Congress leader today hit back at Pinarayi Vijayan, CPI (M) state secretary for attacking Congress and media. He alleged that the police and government are protecting the goons and Mr Pinarayi Vijayan is trying to give a clean chit to criminals and acting as the advocate of the goons.

Mr Chennithala praised Asianet News for the investigative report on Paul murder and urged the media to expose the relation between the goons and Binish Kodiyeri, son of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, home minister. He added that Congress would try to collect more details regarding Binish- goon nexus.
Mr Chennithala commented that Mr Vijayan and CPI(M) is haunting the media for bringing out the facts.

He opined that the effort of Mr Vijayan to take on the media including Asianet is commendable. Mr Chennithala pointed out that the mask of Mr Vijayan was exposed due to the investigative report of Asianet News. Mr Vijayan had claimed that RSS is behind Paul murder, citing that 's' sort of knife is used by RSS. This was exposed through the report by Asianet News. He added that Mr Vijayan is showing his anger against exposing him.

Mr Chennithala challenged the government to conduct an inquiry about the allegation made by Mr Vijayan regarding the connection between Om Prakash and former Congress MLA. Mr Chennithala made it clear that none among the three former MLAs who are presently MPs have any connection with Om Prakash and have not stayed in the room of any of the three former MLAs in the MLA hostel.

Mr Chennithala pointed out that the relation between Om Prakash and DYFI has been already exposed and it has been proved that Om Praksh was a former DYFI activist. Alleging that Mr Vijayan has got a hidden agenda regarding the Paul murder case, Mr Chennithala opined that it is not proper for political leaders to comment on murders.

He urged the CM to end silence and make his opinion clear regarding the previous developments.

Asianet News welcomes investigation

Asianet News has the responsibility to clarify facts
Saturday, September 12, 2009

Asianet News welcomed any sort of investigation regarding the report on the police foul play behind the making of ‘S’ shape knife, regarding Paul murder case. TN Gopakumar, Group Editor, Asianet News clarified that the channel stands firm on the report which was aired with full faith and is ready to co-operate with any kind of investigation.

Mr Gopakumar pointed out that one among the strongest political parties in Kerala has demanded an inquiry against Asianet News and assured full co-operation from the channel for any sort of inquiry. “ Here the government, Marxist party and we have common goal – to bring out the real culprits involved in Paul murder.

We have nothing to obstruct regarding that goal. Police can conduct any type of inquiry with our co-operation or else we can have any inquiry with the help of police, safe guarding the theory of equal participation. We have no regret in this regard” – stated Mr Gopakumar.

He added that Mr Pinarayi Vijayan through his words raised a doubt regarding the trustworthiness of Asianet News and said that such a popular channel like Asianet News has the responsibility to clarify facts before the people.

Mr Gopakumar stated that the channel is ready to face any investigation to clear the air of doubt.

False propaganda on Paul murder: Pinarayi

OM Prakash stayed in MLA hostel in the room of a Congress MLA
Friday, September 11, 2009

Pinarayi Vijayan, CPI (M) state secretary alleged that false propaganda is going on regarding Paul murder. Briefing media here, he claimed that all details has been exposed regarding Paul murder. Taking on the Congress leaders, Mr Vijayan alleged that the quotation gang from Changanassery, involved in Paul murder was brought to Alapuzha by a Congress leader.

Mr Vijayan accused that Om Prakash had stayed in MLA hostel in the room of a Congress MLA, who is presently an MP. He also accused that many Congress leaders including VM Sudheeran has relation with a famous goon.

Mr Vijayan slammed the media alleging that a section of the media is helping those who are interesting in diverting the investigation process. He opined that the reason why the media went after the blacksmith who made the knife should be found out and added that a section of the media is adopting a stand favouring the goons

Paul murder: HC slams police

Court rejects demand for CBI inquiry
Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Kerala High Court today slammed Vincent M Paul, IG in-charge of Paul murder investigation for briefing the media while the investigation was on. The court was hearing a petition filed by Vilasini, mother of Kari Satheesan, the prime accused in the case seeking CBI investigation.

Justice N Sakthudharan Nambiar opined that the actions by the police has resulted in the investigation by media and pointed out that the actions like the briefing by the IG are leading the media for such sort of investigations.

The court rejected the demand for CBI probe citing that the investigation is in the preliminary stage and clarified that the petitioners can again approach the court again with the same demand, if situation demands so.

Director General of Prosecution, who appeared for the government informed the court that the investigation is heading in the correct direction and added that there is no need for a CBI inquiry.

Noisy scenes and walkout over Paul murder

House adjourned for the day

September 08, 2009

The state assembly today witnessed noisy scenes as the opposition raised Paul murder and moved an adjournment motion. The motion was moved by Thiruvanjoor Radhakrishnan of Congress. Mr Thiruvanjoor Radhakrishnan pointed out to the revelation made by Asianet News Investigation and demanded that the house should suspend all activities and immediately discuss the issue.

Mr Radhakrishnan pointed out that Vincent M Paul, the prime investigating officer had briefed the media about the ‘s’ type knife even before the postmortem report was out. Terming the stand taken by the investigating officer as dubious, Mr Radhakrishnan alleged that CPI (M) is interfering in the investigating process and trying to protect Om Prakash and Rajesh, two notorious goons.

Mr Radhakrishnan alleged that efforts are going on to sabotage the investigation process and demanded the resignation of the home minister.

Replying to the motion Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, home minister refuted allegations that police is moving according to a pre-planned script. He claimed that the investigation process is on the right tract.

Intervening in the discussion, Oommen Chandy opposition leader questioned the government stand against an open discussion in the case, if there is nothing to hide. He stated that the opposition is expressing the demand lying in the minds of common man for the resignation of the home minister. Mr Chandy alleged that the home minister is trying to protect and the government is refusing to have discussion on the matter fearing that his role would be exposed.

Speaker K Radhakrishnan denied permission for the motion following which members from the opposition and treasury members where engaged in a verbal discourse. Opposition leaders rushed to the well of the house, raising slogans. The house was finally adjourned for the day after which the opposition staged a sit-in in front of the Gandhi statue in the assembly.

Later speaking to the media opposition leaders demanded the resignation of the home minister.